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In the first decade of the 21st century we face the choice between living in the last decade of an unsustainable, crisis-prone civilization, or in the first of a new and more peaceful world.
May 18, 2008 Gallery

Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day
May 17, 2009

Japan Report

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World Shift Day

The 4th Timely Transformation Event of
The Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day
Leading up to 2012

Two years after the First Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day that was held on May 20, 2007 joined by hundreds of thousands of peace loving people worldwide, friends of peace gathered in many countries again in order to unite their prayers and bright thoughts for the benefit of the peace of humanity and our beloved Planet Earth.

The event, coordinated by the Club of Budapest and the World Peace Prayer Society was joined by tens and hundreds of thousands of people of very high consciousness, sending powerful prayers and positive, healing thoughts to the global link on this day.

Individuals, groups and networks from all around the world linked up with this global interfaith initiative, connecting nations, cultures and religions from various countries representing five continents around the Globe.

Registrations were received from the following 49 countries:

Argentina, Aruba, Ascension Island - St. Helena, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Congo, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Liberia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Sierra Leone, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States and Venezuela.


Mauna Center
Ragusa Sicily, Italy
In Ragusa, Sicily, Italy, we celebrated the Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day, at the MaunaCenter.

The afternoon Ceremonies were powerful and we continued into the night with chants, meditations, prayers,  mudras, Oneness Blessing Diksha and our thoughts of light.   Flowers were planted at the Peace Pole with a concert of silence, followed by silence prayer for peace and health of the earth...
50 people attended the Ceremony to share and commune in peace.  Other groups from Sicily joined us including Rev.Morishita Gyosho of Buddhist Monastic Nipponzai, builder of the Peace Pagoda in Ragusa, Italy.

Many people had tears of joy as they felt a strong presence of energy in the room and around the Peace Pole. We were all filled with emotion and a sense of inner peace filled our hearts the entire day.

Sasha and Renato


Santiago, Chile
En Chile estamos muy felices de haber participado en la Sinfonía de Oraciones por la Paz del pasado domingo 17. Desde el año 2007 nos hemos reunido en este lejano país, enfocándonos junto a Uds. y al resto del mundo en el hermoso pensamiento/realidad de La Paz Prevalece en la Tierra.

Te estoy reenviando carta que envié hoy a Elena Becu de Uruguay, en donde le relato nuestras impresiones de lo que fue ese hermoso día en que vibramos junto al resto del mundo en una ceremonia plena de amor, paz, alegría y unidad.

Sandra Contreras
Marta Rojas Berndt

Cancun, Mexico
In Cancún, Quintana, México, about 30 people met at the Playa Delfine Beach.
Members of our meditation group led by Fernando Quintero, in addition to other friends and family were invited to attend this special event.
We start at 9.00 pm with a brief history of Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day.  We then started our meditation connecting with people the world over. We said the prayer, "Que la Paz prevalezca en el Mundo, que la Paz reine en México".  The ceremony took an hour and we had time to share our thoughts and wishes for peace on earth.
It was a great experience!!! The location, the weather, the people, the stars and the sea!!! All amazing!!! All wonderful !!!!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The place was a lovely spot at Ipanema beach. On those rocks, surrounded by the ocean and a wonderful view, we gathered to celebrate World Shift Day and The Symphony of Peace Prayers.

The weather was perfect as the Autumn sun was not too strong. A group of seven people, and one more taking some photos to register this precious event, were there to celebrate and pray together for World Peace on those beautiful rocks. Later two people who passed by came to join us in the ceremony.

Surrounded by the flag of all countries, we sat in a circle and gradually attuned ourselves to silence. After a few introductory words delivered by myself, we all read the Peace Prayer of 2009 together, with the soothing sound of crystal bowls in the background. As the spiritual leaders invited could not make it to the ceremony, at this point we invited the participants to offer a prayer for peace according to their own traditions or anything else they had to share. One of the participants sang a peace song in Portugese and then in English, followed by another participant who also sang a powerful prayer for us. By this time the group was very harmonized, so it was the perfect moment to start the flag ceremony, closed with our prayers and Mudras.

It was unforgettable day under the sky, near the mountains and the ocean. A very strong energy reached our hearts full of gratitude and joy.


Tasmania, Australia
Prior to World Shift Day, a Peace Pole was planted at the new Baha'i Center for Learning in Hobart.  The Peace Pole was a gift from Tomoko Ukai  who traveled from Japan to be in Tasmania for the World Shift Day/Symphony of Peace Prayers ceremony.

I think this pole represents another great achievement in our peace work - it has international connections and we have utilized our resources carefully. The Peace Pole is highly visible and will radiate the beautiful message "May Peace Prevail on Earth" to the universe.


Peace Mountain, Slovakia
We would like to inform you that our Peace meditation day was held on Peace mountain.140 children and 60 adults took part in it.
The whole day was nice and peaceful.

Program included:
1. Walking to Peace Mnt.7 km
2. Welcoming new participants
3. One min.silence for all the children who have died all over the world
4. Prayers of Gratitude to planet Earth
5. Kites flying with peace message to people all over the world for living in peace.
Klara Hodnic

Templo del OM, Argentina
Estimados Señores, amigos y hermanos trabajadores en el mundo, nosotros hemos estado presentes y activos el día 17 de mayo tal lo indicado por Ustedes y como es de costumbre en nuestro Templo del OM, todos los presentes nos unimos en MEDITACIÖN a los efectos de que nuestras vibraciones se religuen con las de toda la humanidad, respetuosamente los saludamos y como siempre nos ponemos a Vuestras disposiciones atento que, la unión hace la fuerza y en totalidad lograremos la Paz y el Bienestar General de cada uno de los humanos que integramos este mundo, atentamente Jorge Abel Alonso Rector del Templo del OM.

Patagonia, Argentina
In Puerto Madryn, Chubut Province, Patagonia, Argentina, we were four people.  Some of us brought energized water (agua diamantina), others brought gems and stones, and others just their presence.  We met as usual at a restaurant at the beach.  It was a fantastic autumn day, very pristine and clear, the sun shining over the sea.

At 11am we approached  the water, barefooted and after invoking the angels of the five elements (earth, water, air, fire and etherial angels) and then their inhabitants (gnomes, ondines, silphos, salamanders, etherial beings) we also connected in our minds and in our hearts with all of the human beings that were doing exactly the same thing all over the world. We were facing the ocean, with our hands full of what we have brought along to participate.

I then poured the water in the ocean, asking it to spread the love and thanks and peace all over the rest of the waters in the planet.  And the intention that our intent spread also throughout the earth as it was intended by the rest of us at that very moment.  Then, each one was free to express verbally whatever they wished...  There were songs, bowl vibrations, and finally we all thanked for the privilege of participating.
We then went back to the restaurant and celebrated what had just happened.

Palma de Mallorca,  Spain
In Mallorca, a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea, 85 participants prayed for the Unity of Humankind beside the Peace Pole erected last year. Other people walking through the busy square of Plaza España in Palma joined with joy the Universal Symphony and the Flag ceremony while vibrating Peace Now!
The day was bright for us to experience the plurality of being ONE in Peace. Prayers, mantrams, yoga movements, mudras (IN), songs and a common prayer of the newborn inter-religious group of Mallorca, introduced and supported the final unfolding of all flags on the square ground. The result: a display of colours and smiles with a firm heart declaring the World Peace through its different religions, continents and nations.

At the end, we all formed a “solid” circle around the colourful and vivid mandala. Our bodies, very closed to each other, could taste the evidence of being One Unique body with One Big Heart, while listening to “Imagine” of John Lennon. Finally, laughs and hugs were the expression of our Infinite Joy and Unity.
We kept the mandala opened for a while with its magnificence to enable the flags and colours enjoy the Mediterranean sun and the brotherhood among them. We could feel the flags' bliss being together, lying side by side, as a powerful and extremely beautiful ONE. Then, amazingly, two babies (a girl and a boy) reached the splendorous mandala. The “whole world” could benefit from their innocent and playful hands and feet.  

We will never forget this lovely and unifying event.

Basque Country Spain
We had a deep, homely and joyful event in Elgoibar – Gipuzkoa (Basque Country-Spain), in the mountain. A group of 25 beautiful people gathered inside Aubixa country house, already a temple of light for us.

The Ceremony  that lasted for more than 2 hours, was beautiful... It brought so much union, “reunions” and the seed for a continuity... We started with an introduction followed by Prayers from representatives of different spiritual groups and traditions: Byakko Shinko Kai Peace Organization, Catholic faith, Zen Buddhism, Spiritual way of Meditation on Inner Light and Sound, Spiritual path of Yoga. All Spiritual groups not assigned to any specific tradition.

Then the Ceremony with flags for the Peace on every country in the worldsaying the word “Peace” in the official language(s) of each nation. We finished with the “Prayer for the Oneness for All Living Things” and a global meditation in silence. We finished all together embracing around the mandala of flags and the globe.

In the afternoon, the sun shone again, and we knew something wonderful had happened for us and the world. A SHIFT had taken place for sure.


Quezon City, The Philippines
On May 17, 2009 the Philippines joined more than 52 countries all over the world in synergetic harmony as the GLOBAL PEACE MEDITATION AND PRAYER DAY / WORLD SHIFT DAY was celebrated along with the SYMPHONY OF PEACE PRAYERS (SOPP) as a kick off event.  An interfaith program jointly organized by the Byakko Shinko Kai Philippines (BSKP) and The Peacemakers' Circle Foundation, Inc. (PCFI), in partnership with the Center for Peace Education of Miriam College.

Surrounded by colorful flags of the different countries of the world, faith symbols, a Peace Pole, mandala artworks, the gathering was energized with the presence and prayerful intentions of around 70 peace-loving people representing different spiritual organizations, advocacy groups, cultural workers and artists.   The conference hall of the Environmental Science Institute in Miriam College, Quezon City throbbed with peace vibrations sent out to the rest of the world that Sunday morning.

The program included demonstrations of mudras, a World Peace Flag Ceremony, the recitation of the Peace Declaration of the World Peace March of Peace and Nonviolence, music and dance. One of the highlights of the event was the interfaith peace prayers led by ten leaders and representatives of different faith which was followed by a powerful moment of silence to send our prayers to every corner on earth.


Lincolnshire, UK
The day was extremely windy and mainly wet. We made a decision to hold everything within the large marquee.  There were between 50 and 60 guests in total.

The Symphony of Peace Prayers/World Shift Day commenced with an opening speech of welcome, 'Prayer for Harmony between Humanity and Nature' and singing of a Native American song with drums and the didgeridoo.

We had invited interfaith representatives from 15 different faith traditions to engage in prayers for peace.  Each faith was individually invited to come to the stage and received a flower in honour of their particular tradition. As each guest received their flower they placed it in a large beautiful blue bowl in front of them. Then the peace prayer would be said with audience participation. All the 15 flowers in the bowl looked just magnificent together at the end of the prayers.

After a short interval, during which the centre of the marquee was cleared of chairs, it was time for the world peace prayer ceremony - to send prayers for peace to prevail in every country on earth. To close the program, we walked around the outer circle of rainbow flags in opposite directions and walked into the centre of the circle in total silence, the two flags nearly touching in the middle.  Then we all joined hands and sang 'one by one' (one by one everyone comes to remember we're healing the world, one heart at a time) and started to move into a spiral still holding hands and singing and smiling at one another. 


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