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In the first decade of the 21st century we face the choice between living in the last decade of an unsustainable, crisis-prone civilization, or in the first of a new and more peaceful world.
May 18, 2008 Gallery

Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day
May 16, 2010

Japan Report

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World Shift Day

The 4th Timely Transformation Event of
The Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day
Leading up to 2012

Three years after the First Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day that was held on May 20, 2007 joined by hundreds of thousands of peace loving people worldwide, friends of peace gathered in many countries again in order to unite their prayers and bright thoughts for the benefit of the peace of humanity and our beloved Planet Earth.

The event, coordinated by the Club of Budapest and the World Peace Prayer Society was joined by tens and hundreds of thousands of people of very high consciousness, sending powerful prayers and positive, healing thoughts to the global link on this day.

Individuals, groups and networks from all around the world linked up with this global interfaith initiative, connecting nations, cultures and religions from various countries representing five continents around the Globe.

Registrations were received from the following 49 countries:

Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Liberia, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Samoa, Sierra Leone, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela.



Argentina | Australia, Geelong | Australia, Tasmania | Chile | Columbia
Japan | Italy | Liberia | Pakistan | Philippines | Samoa



At the heart and spirit we were at Fuji Mountin while holding two events in Pakistan.

 Symphony of Peace Prayers 2010 Celebrated in Pakistan by A Better Community for ALL/Pakistan on May 16, 2010 with collaboration of other Groups. Two Events are in this slide Show.

1. Sunday Prayer service at Central Church, Waris Road, Lahore, Pakistan and in Evening we hold event in front of Press Club, Lahore.

2. Interfaith prayers were offered and lit candles for Peace  all over the World. Good coverage by the Media of the events.

Mauna Center
Ragusa Sicily, Italy

"... then,you understand the peace ...
Understand the mystery that drives us to seek her, build the peace ...
The secret is the joy ...
The simple joy of harmony within and without..
May peace prevail on earth .."

Santiago, Chile

It was a bright autumn Sunday after the rain. Everything flowed perfectly, everything is put together magically, as we had created in our mind…at the appointed time, there was materialized, and created.

We began the Symphony of Prayer for Peace 2010.

Have found the perfect place, the decor was simple but I think it was spectacular, attended by religious leaders, Catholic, Jewish, Brahma Kumaris, Buddhist, Krishna, Bahai, a Shaman to represent our native peoples, our young representative of Byakko Project Peace, and  free thinkers who read The Great Invocation which we will always make room for your wonderful and power message.

The call was enough to place, the heat produced inside despite the cold outside was delicious and the color of the inner light was invited to the gathering.

They were 3 hours were short, they all participated, all were excited and Y really felt and understood the importance of the Symphony of Prayers were connected, committed and grateful to be part of this network of love that is formed around the planet and which at the time from this remote, beautiful and long country were participating.

I am very happy and satisfied because I believe that the objective was largely achivied, “ In Chile rang again with the world´s, Symphonies of Peace”

I send an affectionate greeting
Sandra Contreras


Geelong, Australia

On the 16th of May, I attended a Symphony of Peace Prayers in my home town of Geelong (Australia)
We linked in with the global Peace meditation and with Japan for the main Byakko SoPP

It was a beautiful ceremony, including interfaith prayers and prayers from many traditions.
At the opening we lit the Peace Flame, David, an Aboriginal Elder gave the "Welcome to country"where love and respect is given to the land, nature and all people. We shared prayers, I was honoured to give the peace prayer for Byakko Shinko Kai and The World Peace Prayer Society. There was a flag ceremony, & we sang "PEACE" in many languages and enjoyed an afternoon of Oneness.

May Peace Prevail on Earth
Robynne Mahoney


Here, near the world's most Western spot, with the Datenline and 'Tomorrow' visible where the clouds on the ocean are located, we, of the Club of Budapest in Samoa, did gather to participate in the global celebration commemorating World Shift Day.  Yes, also from the world's most western point, united in the middle of the South Pacific, we joined in expanding the network of the global consciousness field to empower the world to shift back to its original divine essence which will unavoidably happen!

the Chiefs and Orators who as leaders of their families and villages do reign in a living culture of peace in Samoa's pristine nature

Monrovia, Liberia

Words of gratitude to all participants in the May 16th 2010 Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day.  This clarly demonstrates a spirit of unity by all peoples of the earth to see a  peaceful world.  A peace that begins with individuals, smaller groupings, communities, larger societies, individiaul nations and the world at large.  This effort muts be encouraged and fully supported.

Here in celebrating the day, I was engaged in a one-to-one information sharing with individuals on the program and took time to pray.  Those engaged were happy for such program. For the majority of them, it was the first time to hear about the program.  I hope we can gather the energy to reach a greater population next celebration.

Once more, I thank all of you that supported this program.
Netugba Wesseh
"May Peace Prevail On Earth"
Monrovia, Liberia

Symphony of interfaith prayers for world peace 2010 in manila

In the heat of the summer sun on May 16th, 2010 at the Riverbanks Plaza of Marikina City, the Philippines once again participated in creating a wave of prayerful vibrations around the globe as the Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day / World Shift Day was celebrated with the Symphony of peace prayers hosted by the Mandala Peace Arts Initiative (MPAI), and made possible by Byakko Shinko Kai, in partnership with The Peacemakers’ Circle Foundation, Inc. (PCFI) and the Riverbanks Center.
Synergetically linking with more than 400 similar events from over 50 countries, the annual Symphony of Peace Prayers (SOPP)* is an inter-religious, inter-spiritual public event that honors and gives gratitude to the beautiful peace prayers from different faith traditions. This year’s SOPP was staged in Marikina City—one of the areas that was gravely affected by the recent huge flood in Metro Manila a few months ago. It was a timely and appropriate site where prayers for peace and healing should take place.

The park by the river was suddenly energized by the flags of the united nations, together with symbols of different faiths and the peace pole. A globe, cloth mandala and an indigenous altar pole (called tambara) became the center of the circle around which an intimate-- yet powerful--group of about 50 lay individuals, religious, representatives of different spiritual groups, peace advocates, cultural workers, and youths gathered together in an atmosphere of oneness and prayerful celebration amidst diverse backgrounds. ..

Byakko members perform the Divinity-In before people started to arrive...

To begin the program Byakko members performed the Kokyuho Divinity-In while everyone was engaged in Ocean Breathing.
Opening the sacred space for the interfaith prayers, Prof. Grace Odal-Devora, a neo-babaylan (ancient pre-colonial priestess) from the University of the Philippines- Manila, performed a Sayaw-Bathala (contemporary dance ritual around the tambara which also consists of offering nature’s elements and flowers).


Bro. John Dowling and company from the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University led an open-eye meditation exercise to prepare everyone to enter into sacred silence. Sr. Vida Cordero, SFIC (Franciscan Sisters) then engaged everyone in a blessing from the Christian faith... Mr. Ishilta Pinlac, URI youth ambassador and Y4U member, offered a peace prayer in behalf of the Earth-based traditions. Ms. Sharon Vaswani (URI Southeast Asia-Pacific youth coordinator & Y4U member) offered a Hindu peace prayer... A Tibetan Buddhist prayer for peace was offered by Mr. Reimon Cosare. Muslim prayer for peace was offered by Peacemakers Muslim youth, Alan Berguia from the Culiat community. Mr. Rishi Kumar of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) offered a prayer for peace and enjoined everyone to chant: "Hare Krishna!." Baba Surinder Singh Ragi of the Guru Nanak mission also chanted a Sikh prayer for peace... Ms. Racquel Castillo of the National Baha'i' Spiritual Assembly in Manila read prayers from the Baha'i Faith tradition... Shinji Shumei Kai (Japanese spiritual organization) was represented by Ms. Tomomi Cathy Shima who chanted prayers for peace...

Following the interfaith peace prayers were the global prayers from Byakko Shinko Kai. The Prayer for a World Free from Conflict (led by Ms. Norma Beltran) and the Prayer for Harmony Between Humanity & Nature (led by Ms. Queen Frilles) were accompanied by noseflute music rendered by Mr. Leo Emm. Castro of Sanghabi (indigenous cultural workshop group). Highlighting the event was the World Peace Prayer Ceremony where everyone was engaged in mentioning the names of 198 countries in the world and praying for peace to prevail in each nation and region. Afterwards, the participants took a few moments of silence to feel the vibration of blessings that was radiated all around.

The “New Seed”, a declaration of action for the upcoming World Environment Day (WED) was then shared by Mr. Ding Reyes of SanibLakas Foundation and chairman of the WED-Phils network.

With uplifting music from the Kaya Green Band, jamming with the ISKCON & Sanghabi, the program was concluded with greeting each other with an indigenous gesture of oneness and kinship.

Towards the end, warm conversations—accompanied by kirtan chanting-- continued on as bounty and blessings of vegetarian pasta prasadam (lovingly prepared by the ISCKON) was shared by all.

Infinite thanks to all participating individuals and the groups who braved the summer humidity to attend the event: World Peace Prayer Society-Phils. , International Society for Krishna Consciousness, SangHabi, Inc., Peacemakers Y4U, Guru Nanak Mission, Franciscan Sisters, Baha'i National Spiritual Assembly, Shinji Shumei Kai-Phils., Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, Saniblakas Foundation, Inc., Culiat Muslim Peacemaker Youth, Binhi ng Kapayapaan, Inc., Kaya Green Band, Integral Art Metta, Inc. (IAM), OHM Center, 1Mandala Project, World Without Wars movement, Ang Komunidad (Humanist Movement), and many others!

Buenos Aries, Argentina

Fue hermoso compartir con todos ustedes la meditación de hoy!!!! En Buenos Aires fue una mañana bastante fría y un poco ventosa, pero con un sol espléndido que nos acompañó durante todo el evento.

Se sintió la unión de todos con un objetivo común, y el respeto por la diversidad y la creencia de cada uno, que como todos sabemos, es uno de los pilares de Meditaicón Masiva.Argentina.

En un momento, algo en mi hizo un click y mi estado de conciencia se acrecentó; pude ver más allá de lo que percibía hasta este momento de mi vida.  Es un antes y un después del dia de hoy.   Gracias a todos por estar ahi, por permitirme compartir sus Caminos. 
Cada vez somos más!  Celebrémoslo!

Un beso grande
Que tengas un día lleno de Luz



SOPP 2010 - Symphony of Peace Prayers. BONKA COLOMBIA

2010 Symphony of Peace Prayers
“Wind Song”, Tasmania, Australia

Following the successful ceremony held at the Baha’i Centre for Learning in Hobart last year we had many requests to hold a SOPP ceremony in 2010. I was encouraged and in February it became clear that the 2010 Symphony of Peace Prayers would be at “Wind Song” – confirmation occurred during a visit to the Holy Tantra Jin-Gang Dhyana Buddhists in Hobart.

We made a decision to hold our ceremony in the morning, almost concurrently with the ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary, commencing at 10.30 am and finishing about 1.00pm. This was to allow time for people to share food, to chat and if they wished to walk in our labyrinth or to visit “Paradise”, our sacred area.

All faiths were contacted, either personally or by mail, seeking their participation. Fliers were prepared and distributed via email, mail and placed in various public places. Imagine my shock when someone called to say that they would be attending and was it correct that we were to start at 10.30pm!!!! Urgent emails were sent out to correct the error and again I went around replacing all the fliers.

Where to hold the ceremony? At ‘Paradise” or in the garden? A visit to “Paradise” for some ‘thinking’ confirmed that it should be in the garden around the Peace Pole which was a gift from, and planted by a group of Japanese Byakko members.

The success and energy of the ceremony in Rome created a week of ‘high energy’ preparation, interspersed by other community commitments. Barb Gardam (Shinjin) arrived on Thursday and in the evening we lit the outdoor fire, traditionally a ‘Welcome Fire’ and also a Peace fire, which we keep alight for up to 5 or 6 days after a ceremony. 

Saturday arrived and more helpers and guests. It was all taking shape until I decided that the time had come to print the program – the printer decided to ‘go slow’! I finished the programs at 2.00am!!!!

We had decided to have the World Peace Prayer Ceremony in the 11 regions – a large candle to represent each region; these would be placed around the Peace Pole. Smaller candles would be lit for each country, as its flag is presented. For this to be effective we needed a calm day!

Sunday morning dawned, a little chilly but a clear sky and absolutely no breeze. It would be a perfect day and we looked forward to the arrival of our guests and friends to join with us in prayer for peace and harmony throughout the world.

We started our ceremony, outside the ‘Prayer Field’, by lighting the World Peace Flame and the candles representing the 11 regions of the World – following the flames we made our way to the prayer Field. As we entered we were “smoked” or “smudged” with the smoke of burning Eucalypt (gum) leaves by our Indigenous friends, Uncle Ronnie and Dyan Summers, to purify us and the surrounding area.
Our entry was accompanied by Jane playing “Panis Angelicus” – a beautiful tune by Andrea Bocelli.

The 11 candles were placed around the peace pole and the World Peace Flame sat in a pool of still water. I found this part extremely emotional and so very beautiful. We were then “Welcomed to Country” (an Indigenous custom) by traditional owners, Dyan Summers speaking in her language and followed by Uncle Ronnie singing “I Come from Old Cape Barren” (Cape Barren Island is his birth place). This part had a great effect on many of our friends who were also present 6 years before when these people welcomed us to ‘their country’ – a day of great reconciliation.

I gave an opening address of welcome and explanation about Byakko and SOPP. I also wished to acknowledge our friend, Jo Beams, who initially introduced us to Jenny Funston and Byakko.

Ros Gregg, Barb Gardam, Jane and Tom Teniswood opened the prayer ceremony with the Divinity IN with Spiritual Breathing then we shared prayers presented by the Quakers, Holy Tantra Jin-Gang-Dhyana Buddhism, Falun Dafa/Falun Gong, Baha’i and Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga. Prayers were then presented on behalf of Christianity, Shintoism, Hinduism, Muslim, Judaism and Sikhism, by some of the people present. This was done with no introduction, the silence between the presentations allowing for a total concentration of energy.


At the completion of the prayers Madeleine and Hannah, accompanied by Jane, sang “One Night I had the Strangest Dream” and Jo Beams sang two songs of peace.

Ros Gregg (International Lecturer) delivered Masami Saionji’s welcoming address probably coinciding with its delivery at Fuji Sanctuary. We are just one hour ahead of Japan time!

As we moved into the World Peace Prayer Ceremony everyone was invited to participate and, after a hesitant start, soon developed its own energy and movement which was later described as a dance. It was joyous, colourful and creative. At the completion we had a double row of flags surrounding the Peace Pole area and the candles of the 11 regions surrounded by smaller candles representing each country. It was a great sight and later that evening several of us sat and watched those flames flickering in the dark.

Alice Hawrylak, Coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre in Hobart led us in a beautiful Global Peace Meditation –  I was aware of the powerful and harmonious energy that had been created during the ceremony, the power of prayer in whatever form and the beautiful silence only interupted by the sounds of natural world about us.  It seemed a shame for this to end!
We shared the prayer for “Harmony between Humanity and Nature” and concluded the ceremony by saying “May Peace Prevail on Earth” three times and Jo Beams led us all singing “Peace, Peace, Peace”, a fitting finale.

As people were leaving the Prayer Field I was talking to my daughter when a puff of wind whipped past us, picked up some papers and took one up into the air where it was tossed around as if in celebration. I am sure the spirit of the land was celebrating the success of SOPP at Wind Song.

There was not a great rush for people to leave, we shared lunch, some walked, some talked and some just basked in the beautiful energy that had been created. A lot of people had planned to walk the “Seven Stations” but felt it was not appropriate after such a moving ceremony so we resolved to have a post SOPP weekend – a weekend where we will celebrate our combined accomplishments with mandala writing, singing, dancing and for some the journey of “The Seven Stations”.

Jane and I felt so fortunate to be able to celebrate SOPP at Wind Song and we were able to continue the celebration by re-lighting the candles during the following week, particularly at night when they produce such a beautiful light around the Peace Pole.

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