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In the first decade of the 21st century we face the choice between living in the last decade of an unsustainable, crisis-prone civilization, or in the first of a new and more peaceful world.
May 18, 2008 Gallery

Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day
May 18, 2008
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World Shift Day

The 3rd Timely Transformation Event of
The Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day
Leading up to 2012

One year after the First Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day that was held on May 20, 2007 joined by hundreds of thousands of peace loving people worldwide, friends of peace gathered in many countries again in order to unite their prayers and bright thoughts for the benefit of the peace of humanity and our beloved Planet Earth.

The event, coordinated by the Club of Budapest and the World Peace Prayer Society was joined by tens and hundreds of thousands of people of very high consciousness, sending powerful prayers and positive, healing thoughts to the global link on this day.

Individuals, groups and networks from all around the world linked up with this global interfaith initiative, connecting nations, cultures and religions from various countries representing five continents around the Globe.

Registrations were received from the following countries:

Africa – Ghana, South Africa, Uganda
Australia and the Pacific - Australia
Asia – Bangladesh, Brunei, China, India, Japan, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey, Uzbekistan
Europe – Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
North America – Canada, Mexico, United States
Central and South America – Argentina, Aruba, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay

Among the larger groups that joined in were the networks of the Club of Budapest and the World Peace Prayer Society from all around the world, large prayer links were formed in North- and Latin-America, in Pakistan, in the Philippines, in Japan, in Australia and in Europe, where altogether 17 countries were represented upon the registrations.

We were very excited to welcome friends in the meditation/prayer link from Uzbekistan, Nepal, Brunei Darussalam, San Marino, Ghana, Uganda, Aruba or Puerto Rico, we have been experiencing the most wonderful assembly of nations, cultures and religions, the most wonderful assembly of colors.

The World Shift Day launched a 24 hour meditation and prayer marathon to encircle the Globe starting with the Mt. Fuji event in Japan where nearly eight thousand people gathered in a ceremony for peace and the awakening of all humanity.


The interfaith peace event held at Mount Fuji yearly is called Symphony of Peace Prayers, a gathering where all nations and big religions are honored with prayers and a beautiful flag ceremony.

As from the very beginning, besides promoting peace, the Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day laid also this time big enhance on the harmony of different faiths and religions.  The registered groups and individuals represented various faiths, the global link was joined by Catholics, various Christian communities, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Hindis and several others who were looking for what we have in common instead of focusing on the differences.

The Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day is also in this sense a great assembly of colors, it provides all participants with the freedom to link up in a way that is most appropriate for them by setting just a loose framework to be followed by all, in order to create harmony and synchrony between the individual gatherings.

Continuously receiving pictures and feedbacks from all corners of the world, we can again experience the power and miracle of pure unity and healing energies of peace and human good will.

We would like to thank all participants for supporting the Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day with their prayers, as well as for sharing experiences and beautiful pictures with us.

Bright and encouraging thoughts from some letters written by dedicated friends of peace in various corners of the world:

“There were 12 peace representatives from 12 faiths. Music was played, prior to them being asked to come to the stage, which represented their culture and or faith. This was a particularly lovely touch and was very well received by all the guests and audience. Then each representative was asked to come to stage one by one and as they got to the stage the name of the person was said followed by ‘We offer this flower in peace to honor….(which ever faith they were representing) and some of us would give the guest a flower which they would take and place in a beautiful blue bowl in front of them. Then the peace prayer would be said with audience participation”….”After all the prayers had finished there were twelve pink peonies (expressing the quality of friendship) in the bowl together – a symphony of peace flowers!” (Diana, Antonella, Lincoln, UK)

“I would like to send my greatest remembrance, wishes and peace-prayer to you all. Let us immerse the essence of peace in our heart and commit to always keep hold of it to be able to pass it gently to our coming generations.
With gratitude, peace and love to you and your family…” (Jimmy, Nepal)

 “The Global Day in Assisi was very successful. We had a very powerful deep meditation in our temple with about 300 people, very expert meditators guided by Swami Kriyananda. Prof. Laszlo and Dr. Nitamo Montecucco were present with us. Dr.Montecucco also led an experiment of connection between Assisi and his centre in Bagni dI Lucca, and also put electrodes on the head of a group of meditators to see the level of synchronization of the brains in state of deep meditation.”…”Thank you for giving us the wonderful opportunity to host the meditation. It has been a great joy and honour for our community. We will be ready to help and support your wonderful peace project in any possible way. May the spirit of Peace spread all over the world.” (Nandini, Ananda, Italy)

“It started with meditation and silencing through the 1-hour video of peace prayer from different countries. Then after short introductions an orientation to the event was given through a video showing of the Symphony of Peace Prayers in Fuji from the previous years.” (Orlan, Manila, Philippines)
“In Basque Country, we had a small but deep gathering in Aubixa country house in the mountain, open air. It was a wonderful, homely, quiet and deep Ceremony... We had representatives of the Catholic ”Prayer and Life Workshops” group, of yoga groups and others…we found so many connections and familiarity between us, that it was really a gathering of hearts, very close…” (Lola, Basque Country, Spain)

 “We had a very first flag ceremony in Sandpoint Idaho”… “Many events were held in this small town on this day…we started with the sound of gong and shakuhachi flute…the beautiful vibration united participants’ hearts. Then we started the flag ceremony with flag cards after we recited the prayer for a world without conflict. During the ceremony the energy increased and people's voices became just like chanting. There were some participants who were from different countries or they used to live in different countries. They shared their different languages such as French, German, Italian, Japanese, Malay and African. People were touched by the different vibrations. We closed the ceremony with the song of John Lenon's " Imagine", holding hands. Many participants told me that they were moved by the ceremony very much. One lady said that she felt deep connection with different countries even though she didn't know them. We are still feeling tremendous energy !!!” (Keiko, Sandpoint, Idaho, US)

“We gathered at a wonderful place, at a very old, medieval church ruin near to the city in the wonderful nature. Listening to the song of the birds around us, we felt so close to nature and the Earth, we experienced the blessed energies of love, peace and unity, the connection with all life, the connection with all friends joining the prayer chain around the world. We may belong to various nations, cultures and religions but we are one in our hearts.” (From Debrecen, Hungary)

“The sun shone and the ceremony opened liked a flowing rainbow of colour with the flags building up in a circle on the lawn. Time seemed to stand still and then it was the last flag, the Earth flag carried to a peace song with very moving lyrics. We stood together holding hands in a circle in the silence not wanting to break it or move away from this moment of oneness.” (Diana, Antonella, Lincoln, UK)  

“I hope and pray the prayer meeting would have been a great success by the Grace of God. We were blessed with overwhelming response for Wesak 2008, New Delhi. Nearly 300 people attended Wesak for three days, from 17th to 19th. On all the three days we healed the Earth and observed one minute silence and gave special prayers for Peace on Earth. I am sending you some pictures of our event. Hoping our prayers will establish peace on Earth.” (Shyama, New Delhi, India) 

“The Sunday ceremony was so beautiful, so powerful!! We performed two ceremonies, the first one in the morning was in Chacarita, Buenos Aires City, early in the morning.”…”Everything happened so beautifully, so harmoniously, so divine perfectly, I was really moved.”…”For me it was an incredible experience, praying all day long, with so many people in Argentina and in the whole world…from their places close to me in my heart, I was really happy, really moved…” (Andrea, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

„The event was very beautiful and moving, the weather stayed with us just about all day, a bit on the cool side, Fuji san came out of hiding to remind everyone that SHE/HE was with us!”…”For me, a strong feeling of togetherness with so many- many people all over the Planet kept coming in waves…” (Nicole, Mt. Fuji, Japan)

We believe deeply that the created positive energies will make a difference and will lead to a global Mind Shift as well as to an extended network of global friends of peace.

On behalf of the Club of Budapest and the World Peace Prayer Society, we would like to thank you very much again for supporting the Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day, we hope to be able to welcome you as a participant in our meditation/prayer link also in future.


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