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Dr. Laszlo's Message ::

In the first decade of the 21st century we face the choice between living in the last decade of an unsustainable, crisis-prone civilization, or in the first of a new and more peaceful world.
May 18, 2008 Gallery

The World Peace Prayer Society
26 Benton Road
Amenia, NY 12592

May Peace Prevail on Earth®


The World Peace Sanctuary is the international home of the World Peace Prayer Society. Nestled in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, the site occupies 154 acres located in Wassaic, New York just two hours north of New York City.

The World Peace Prayer Ceremony is a global celebration of the oneness of humanity. The Ceremony invites people from every race, religion and background to pray jointly for the peace of the lands and people of the world. During the Ceremony, a prayer is recited for peace and happiness to prevail in every nation of the world.

Global Link Teleconference
Spread Prayers of Peace throughout the world from your home or workplace. A phone conference held among people in different locations by means of telephone or computer. This is a powerful and enlightening way to bring to the world the message of May Peace Prevail on Earth. The Global Link Teleconference is generally held twice a month. Please visit The World Peace Prayer Society Web Site to join the next Global Link Teleconference.

Peace Poles Around the World
When you plant a Peace Pole in your community, you are linking with people all over the world who have planted their Poles in the same spirit of peace. Every Peace Pole proclaims the prayer May Peace Prevail on Earth in the language of the country and often several other languages as well.

Mission Statement
The World Peace Prayer Society
The Power of Thought
Thought forms create an energetic field strong enough to empower the course of planetary destiny.

The Power of Words
Words carry vibrations strong enough to inspire, heal and transform the human heart as well as the Kingdom of plants, animals and all creation.

The Power of May Peace Prevail On Earth
May Peace Prevail On Earth is an all inclusive message and prayer. It is a meeting place of the heart bringing together people of all faiths, backgrounds and culture to embrace the Oneness of our planetary family.

Our Mission is Simple
To spread the Universal Peace Message and Prayer, May Peace Prevail On Earth, far and wide to embrace the lands and people of this Earth.

The more than 200,000 Peace Poles around the world are on all continents, in every country you can think of. They are in simple places, such as churches and gardens, and extraordinary ones, such as at the Pyramids of El Giza, Egypt or the Magnetic North Pole in Canada. They are promoting healing of conflict in places like Sarajevo and the Allenby Bridge between Israel and Jordan. The photos above and below are at the campus of the School of Metaphysics in Windyville, Missouri.

Peace Pals is a program designed to encourage young people ages 5-15 to become peacemakers dedicated to living in the spirit of the words May Peace Prevail on Earth.

The Peace Pals Program fosters understanding and respect for the diversity and oneness of the human family and the natural world through the arts, education, communication and friendship. By nurturing inner peace and global awareness in the leaders of tomorrow, Peace Pals will help create a future where peace and harmony become a way of life.

Peace Pals is a program of the World Peace Prayer Society, which promotes the non-sectarian prayer May Peace Prevail on Earth as a simple, universal expression to unite the hearts of all people in our common desire and hope for peace on Earth.

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